Country Tyme Lanes

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An Inside View

To the left is a video composed by Tom George that shows the inner workings of the machinery that works behind the scenes of Country Tyme Lanes to provide you with efficient & automated pin set-up, and ball retrieval during your bowling experience. If you like old fashioned machines, or are curious how they might look, it's definitely worth watching!

Behind The Pins

Here we have a slideshow of all the inner workings behind the lanes that was detailed in the video above.

Boasting a majority of original machinery and parts, Country Tyme Lanes is proud to provide an original automated bowling experience.


The Country Tyme Lanes Family

Here we have photos of the staff, the League Pros, the community, services & accompanying equipment, as well as past events at Country Tyme Lanes.

If you have a photo taken at Country Tyme Lanes you'd like to add to this gallery, you can submit it by email to: